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Lithuania's Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis met with a group of Ambassadors residing in Lithuania

Created: 2021.04.08 / Updated: 2021.04.08 18:17

In a meeting with the Ambassadors of Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Spain's Chargés d'affaires ad interim residing in Lithuania on 8 April, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielius Landsbergis stressed the priority of Lithuania’s foreign policy to expand the space of democracy, the rule of law, and human rights both within the European Union and beyond.

Particular attention was given to the Council of Europe (Istanbul) Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. The interlocutors also exchanged their views on various countries’ positions on the ratification and implementation of the Convention.

Lithuania's Foreign Minister noted that violence against women and domestic violence could not be tolerated, while the Istanbul Convention with its provisions was an important international document protecting human rights.

The Convention opens the path for creating a legal framework at pan-European level to protect women against all forms of violence, and prevent, prosecute and eliminate violence against women and domestic violence. It also establishes a specific monitoring mechanism in order to ensure effective implementation of its provisions by the parties.

The Foreign Minister also reminded the Ambassadors about Lithuania’s candidacy to the United Nations Human Rights Council for the term 2022-2024.

The meeting was held at the request of Ambassadors residing in Vilnius.

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